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EPam Wars Needs Beta-Testers!

I’ll keep this short and swiit.  EPam Wars is next to done.  However, unlike most studios releasing triple-A titles these days, 4203 Game Studios prides itself on quality-over-punctuality. 

4203’s Beta Attack Squad has disappeared.  Presumably, they were licked by mountain lions.  It’s at this point irrelevant, as what matters is 4203 Game Studios is calling on the community of WeedWackolytes to provide suitable candidates for replacements.  I need one or two JRPG enthusiasts to make a quick run through the game (12-15 hours depending on how thorough you are) and give me the heads up that I can ship without sucking.  If interested, shoot me an email, Facebook post, or what-have-you.  The world is counting on you.

This is actually intentional.  Look for it in EPam Wars!  Now, likely 2014...  ugh...  I'm really, really sorry...

EPam Wars: Don’t Call it a Delay!

EPam Wars will not be released on December 13th.  I’m not done yet.  I will be soon.  Sorry.

EPam Wars  2013.

Talk to Phil Fish after saving to reveal an Easter Egg.

EPam Wars Cover Art Revealed

Greetings followers of the 4203.  We’re only a month away from the release of the highly anticipated RPG, EPam Wars, from 4203 Game Studios.  While the game hasn’t gone gold just yet, the cover art certainly has.  Presenting the official DVD box art for EPam Wars:

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:  Darth EPam, Kenny B, Brett, Nicky D, Shane, Dav, Ryan, Tumbles, Mike, Mark, Sean, Adam, Sheri, Immelmann, Matt


RyanMac420e3 – EPam Wars 121313

Hopefully This One Doesn't Get Cancelled Too

Welcome to 420e3 everybody!  The one time of year that the game industry gets together during June (ya know, ’cause GDC, PAX Prime, PAX East, TGS, etc. fill the rest of the calendar year) to announce their biggest and best surprises for the coming gaming year.

This year, it is my very special treat to announce the official, final, this-is-gonna-happen-or-you’ll-read-about-my-suicide-the-next-day, absolutely, actual release date for EPam Wars! 

The EPam Star falls this Fall!  December (Friday-the-)13th (had to get one last reference in), 2013! 

Be here (or wherever you want, really.  It’ll be around for a while…  at least until the C&D’s start rolling in…), at 12:01 EST on 12/13/13 for the release of the most anticipated RPG in gaming history.  9 years of toil, 8 years of blood, 7 years of sweat, 6 years of tears, and 5 years of procrasturbation have created an epic that you’ll be done with in a day!  (And I did it all without Kickstarter!)

Come see me in person (or email me your mailing address, if you’re feeling feisty) and I’ll give you a copy of the Collector’s Edition, which includes EPam Wars, EPam Wars:  Flash Mob! HD, a DVD featuring the original EPam Wars film (along with producer commentary, including a special guest appearance from EPam himself!), and a map of Woburnia signed by the bulk of the 4203 Game Studios team!


Follow the jump for a picdump to prove this thing is real: 

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RyanPAC42Term03ama Web Ad


RyanMac4203 Home Page is proud to announce its endorsement of President Barack Obama for a second term in office.




EA’s FLAG Flies at Half-Mast (Album Review, Pt. 1)

Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl is a different kind of record than I was anticipating.  Opheliac succeeded because of Emilie’s famous electric violin and patented screaming well outside of her vocal range.  These trademarks are nowhere to be found on this album, replaced with much lighter fare.  Industrial takes a backseat to theatrical.  This one is less a rock album than a soundtrack to a musical.  The problem is that musical only exists in Emilie’s head.

Read on past the break for part one of my bi-polar review.

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EPam Wars: MeinKraft

Greetings loyal followers of all things ‘4203.  The time has come for the second in my long line of expository essays about the forthcoming EPam Wars.  Today’s topic:  Crafting.

Route Dav

Pressing the Shift Key on (nearly) any screen brings up the Pause Menu, granting access to the Codec, Crafting, as well as other exciting things such as the Map and Achievements.

Read on past the jump for the full breakdown of Crafting in EPam Wars.

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EPam Wars: Achievements Unlocked!

Greetings, fans of 4203 Game Studios.

EPam Wars is only a few weeks away.  Thus, the time has come to pull back the curtain ever so slightly and let you all in on some of what’s in store.  Over the coming weeks there will be a series of features detailing aspects of the game that have thus far remained unannounced.  First up:  Achievements!

EPam Wars features 49 achievements totalling 4,203 gamer points.  31 will be awarded over the course of the main story, while 18 are completely optional.  Read on past the break for the full list.  (Moderate spoiler warning.)

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EPam Wars: Flash Mob!

Click to Download!

Seasons greetings, from 4203 Game Studios!

Festivus was yesterday, and while there was plenty of cheer in the air, there were also plenty of grievances aired as well.  One in particular required me to take swift and decisive action.  Presenting:  EPam Wars:  Flash Mob!

In Game Engine

Actual Gameplay!

  • Live the origin story of the least prolific villain in gaming history, Darth EPam!
  • Reconnect with many of the characters familiar to fans of EPam Wars!
  • Bombastic fast-paced gameplay!
  • Built using Adobe Flash and playable right in your browser!  [Note:  As of v1.3 playing inside a browser is no longer supported.]
  • EPAM!

Click for Full Size

(Click for full-size 1680×1050)

[Updated to v1.1 – 12.25.11]


  • + Added Immelmann QA credit
  • + Added .1 to the version number
  •  Fixed a bug wherein the game would return to Combat Mode after the credits
  • – Removed Herobrine

[Updated to v1.2 – 12.26.11]


  • + Added limited keyboard support (Enter/Space to advance text.  More to come…)
  • + Added environmental animations to the Limit Break
  • + Added sign to the magic shop
  • + Added .1 to the version number
  • – Fixed a bug wherein EPam would occasionally drop Common instead of Legendary loot

[Updated to v1.3 – 3.11.15]


  • + Converted from Shockwave File to standalone executable
  • + Capitalized instances of the word “Time”
  • + Added .1 to the version number
  • – No longer playable inside a browser
  • – Removed so-called “Pay to Win” items from the Eternal Yard Sale

EPam Wars – Delayed Indefinitely

Greetings, readers.

The decision has been made by 4203 Game Studios, to delay EPam Wars indefinitely. The game is not vaporware, however, as I assure you development is indeed ongoing.

Long story short, if EPam Wars were to release on time, it’d be a long story cut short. The game I set out to release in December is not the game EPam Wars has grown into, and as time draws ever closer to the arbitrary release date I never formally announced, I find myself considering compromises to both the story and gameplay just so the game will be done. That’s not the way I want this project to end. Seven years is a long time. Here’s hoping it won’t take seven more to get it just right.

So, I would suggest you find some other RPG to fill your time. I think Mojang just put out that Scrolls game or something? I dunno. I just wish Notch would hurry up and finish Minecraft already.


“If you don’t release this game on time,
you’ll lose all credibility.”